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Take a tour of Manage My Money to see how you can easily track your entire financial picture.

Take control of your financial life with Manage My Money, available in First Citizens Digital Banking. With Manage My Money, a comprehensive set of financial management tools, you can:

  • View all of your accounts and transactions, including those at other financial institutions
  • See your spending by category
  • Manage your budgets
  • View your spending trends over time
  • Manage your debt
  • And monitor your net worth

From your computer, tablet or mobile device. To get started, log in to First Citizens Digital Banking, and select Manage My Money from the main menu.

View all of your accounts, at any financial institution, in one place—Digital Banking. Including checking, savings, credit cards, loans, mortgages, investments and more.

Your First Citizens accounts and transactions will display automatically.

You can easily add a non-First Citizens account to see your entire financial picture. Simply search for your financial provider and follow the prompts.

Once complete, your account will display on the Accounts page.

You can also use the “Add a Manual Account” feature to add the values of various assets that you may not have a bank account tied to. These can include the equity in your home or investment property, the value of a vehicle, jewelry, art, or anything else of value to you.

Adding all of your accounts will help you gain a complete view of your finances.

With Manage My Money, you can see exactly where your money goes. Your transactions automatically display in categories such as shopping, utilities, food and dining, and many more.

You can easily search for a transaction, or change the category of a transaction if needed.

Manage My Money helps you understand your spending by displaying your transaction categories in a color-coded spending wheel, so you can easily see where your money comes from, and where it goes, each month.

You can view each spending category, sub-categories, and even specific transactions, by selecting the colored categories on the spending wheel.

Creating, and managing, a budget can be challenging. Manage My Money makes it easy by combining your spending by category with personal budgeting capabilities.

You can easily see, and manage, interactive, easy-to-manage Bubble Budgets for your spending categories.

These budgets show you how much is being spent in each budget category, indicated by the bubble size, and the health of the budget, indicated by color.

Healthy budgets are green, red budgets mean you spent more than your budget, and yellow budgets are still on track, but you need to keep an eye on them.

You can also create sub-budgets for more accurate budget tracking.

With financial trends, you can quickly and easily see how your spending or income trends can change over time.

With this visualization, you can see where and when you may need to plan for increased spending.

You can examine specific transactions in each category, to see exactly what transactions drive your personal financial trends.

This insight can help you plan your budgets and spending more accurately and reduce surprises.

With the Debts tool, you can view your debt accounts, including credit cards, personal and auto loans, mortgages, and more.

You can see your balances, interest rate, and payment amounts for each loan or credit card you have added.

You can see a timeline to pay off your debts, and even use the payoff scenarios to develop a plan to pay your debts down faster, or see how much you can save by paying debts off by highest interest rate, payment amount or paying extra each month.

This can help you create a plan to become debt free that works for you.

With the Net Worth tool, you can see how your net worth changes over time.

View all of your assets and liabilities across your entire financial picture.

You can view gains and losses, by month and by account category, to see how your net worth changes over time as you pay down debt, save and invest, and more.

Understanding where your money comes from, and where it goes, is the key to financial health.

With Manage My Money, available from First Citizens Digital Banking, it has never been easier to track your spending and manage your personal budgets, across all of your accounts. From any device, anywhere.

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Your complete digital experience includes:

Free access to Digital Banking with unlimited bill pay

The ability to link your First Citizens cards to digital wallets

Access to all accounts and budgets in one place

Instant security with account and card alerts

24/7 deposit capability with mobile check deposit

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